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     Calvary Lutheran Church first began meeting as a Bible study/fellowship group on October 22, 1989 in the basement of the Methodist Church under the leadership of Rev. Art Senn. This small group of living stones was being built into a spiritual house of believers by their Lord. Four months later, this beginning foundation moved to the chapel of Sunnyview Nursing Home for a year and a half. In August 1991 the mission congregation moved to a remodeled house on the corner of Farmer and Water Streets.

     Rev. Bill Lewis was called to be Calvary's pastor in March 1993. Under Pastor Lewis' direction, Calvary built a fellowship hall in 1995 and then an attached sanctuary in 1999. Pastor Lewis left to take another call in the fall of 2001.

     Rev. Wayne Dobratz served as interim pastor until the spring of 2002.

     In March 2002 Calvary called Robert Busse to serve them as vicar, and this was later extended as a call to be their pastor. Pastor Busse continues to serve in this capacity.